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Interpreting the 2012 Verizon Breach Report

Since 2004 the Verizon RISK Team has been tracking data and online security breaches on an annual basis, publishing an annual Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR).  The 2012 report represents a collaboration of international government security agencies united in stifling the growth of online theft and crime.  The United States Secret Service, Dutch National High Tech Crime […]

Choosing a Firewall for Small Business

While running a small business one of the last things you want to worry about is unauthorized access to your network.  Your priorities are building services and providing a better product, not locking down network structures you don’t really comprehend. Firewall Solutions for Small Businesses At the most basic levels there are two types of […]

Collaborate Instead of Dictate: Keeping Productivity Levels High and Employees Happy

Recently we came across an article posted on InfoWorld that sparked our interests.  The post discussed the common perception that certain mobile applications and other social networking websites drastically cut into an employee’s productivity.  On many occasions companies are relying solely on their IT departments to mitigate drops in productivity related mobile device use and other more […]

Data Security Guidelines for Small Businesses

For small business lacking the huge budgets and infrastructures enjoyed by your corporate monoliths, data security can pose some seriously daunting questions.  How much security do I need?  What is the most reliable hardware or software?  Where do I start with formulating a company-wide data security policy?  As a small business owner these are only […]

Preparing Health Care for the Mobile Integration

In an earlier post we discussed formulating policies to address the BYOD trend that moving its way through businesses worldwide.  This can be a welcome blessing for business managers and employees, but a nightmare for IT departments.  As health care is one of our biggest lines of service, we thought it prudent to take a […]

The High Costs of Technology Proficiency

It costs a lot to prepare that “IT Geek” to competently support your company in a fast-paced, highly competitive market. Small to mid-level businesses need to consider more closely how outsourcing their IT management can not only save them money, but allow current IT staff to spend more time focusing on organizational core competencies and […]

It’s a BYOD Party and Everyone is Invited!

There is a new technology trend expanding rapidly across the business landscape.  We are talking about BYOD.  A distant relative to BYOB, BYOD puts a business technology spin on our favorite budget friendly party planning acronym.  BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device,” a new wave of integrating personal device technology into the workplace.   […]

Is Dell Privatization a Death Rattle To the PC?

Early this past week we learned that computing monolith Dell was tossing around the idea of privatization with technology based private equity firm Silver Lake.  On Wednesday, February 5th, owner Michael Dell signed off on one of the biggest buyouts the tech industry has seen since the financial crisis. With backing from longtime software partner Microsoft, […]