Choosing a Firewall for Small Business

While running a small business one of the last things you want to worry about is unauthorized access to your network.  Your priorities are building services and providing a better product, not locking down network structures you don’t really comprehend.

Firewall Solutions for Small Businesses

At the most basic levels there are two types of firewall protection: hardware and software; both of which provide protection against attacks from external and in some cases, internal adversaries.  In general, hardware based firewalls are deployed on the perimeter of your network; between your private, internal network(s) and the general, public Internet and provide the first line of defense against external threats.  On the other hand, software based firewalls are typically installed on each computer located on your network and provide a second level of defense against both internal and external threats.  

When choosing a firewall vendor there are a number items to consider.  You are going to want software/hardware that is a right fit for your business. Most importantly know your business’ needs before you invest in technology that you either do not need or is not enough.  If you are unsure this is where a professional IT management company can be helpful.

Our recommended firewall manufacturer for small businesses is SonicWALL™.  For the price and functionality, small businesses cannot go wrong.  SonicWALL™ offers a total security platform for small and medium sized businesses that provides enterprise-class security at a SMB price.  SonicWALL™ combines layered security with integrated security services such as virus and spyware protection, intrusion detection/prevention, web and email security protection.  With straight forward features and fluid functionality it delivers the perfect medium for small businesses needing reliable, manageable network security protection. And since SonicWALL™ was recently acquired by computing giant Dell™, you can be assured SonicWALL™ brings with it a huge support community and a strong foundation for extensive development.

As a small business you want something that is simple to manage, but does not limit you in bandwidth or functionality.  An underpriced firewall may seem cost-effective, but may not provide the proper balance between security and performance you need.   Do not sacrifice security for cost.